CAMP RECOUNT 27-28/2/2017

SNORKELLING Water sport #1 It was about 10:30 am and my group and I were getting our wetsuits so that we would be ready to get on the boat when it arrived. Soon after I got my wetsuit on, the boat had arrived. My group and I put our lifejackets on and got onto the … [Read more…]

A letter about me

Dear class and everyone else, my name is Liora Acone. I am in grade 5, but I’m in class 5/6 B. My teacher is Senada.  I ‘LIKE’ school because I get to hang out with my friends, learn, and play school sports. Speaking of sport my favorite sport is Basketball. I’m currently playing on a … [Read more…]


‘CRACKLE, CRACLKE!’ The covers of my bed shivered. I got out of bed to make my breakfest but I could’nt find anything to eat!  “Oh, no” I thought to myself. So I went to my room to get dressed.” Inflatable world!” I yelled. I hopped in the car at about 7 am to go to my friends house Piper and Spencer. We … [Read more…]