BTN WannaCry cyberattack

This BTN video was about a specific cyberattack that affected the whole world. Today I watched a video that was about  cyber attack called WannaCry.  This cyber attack affected 300,000 computers in 150 different countries.  It affected big businesses, hospitals and government agencies.  It was started by the NSA (National Security Agency in the USA) and … [Read more…]

BTN Un fairlytales

This video was about how Unicef made three videos to show the world about refugees. They made the videos to show the world about refugees and what they experience. Unicef made three videos about three different children who went through tough seas and refugee camps. Each story was told by three different children.  Unicef called the … [Read more…]

BTN Anh do

This video is about how Anh Do escaped as a refugee with his family aboard a small boat. This was during the late 1970’s and early 1980’s when many Vietnamese people were coming to Australia to escape the Vietnam war. They also came to Australia because of the poverty in Vietnam caused by the war. … [Read more…]

BTN Federation 24/03/2017

This video was about federation and the reasons that the English wanted to federate when the settled on Australia. The year that the english settled on Australia they settled in 6 different colonies. But in 1901 that was changed. All the representatives of each colony came together and had a big chat/ and debate about … [Read more…]