Joseph Bryant – Six things you need to know about themes.

  1. Themes are abstract nouns: This story helped me understand that there are different feelings you feel when reading a story with themes like love. eg: Three painful years went by. This showed me that she really cared for him and made me understand what she felt during the story. I could clearly see the feelings and ideas when girl was thinking ‘ I was angry and upset and so confused. What did Joseph do to ever deserve this.’ I could tell that she didn’t understand why it was happening.
  2.  Themes are important human issues: The author wants me to talk about how death and sickness can impact on another person’s life and make them feel different feeling and emotions. eg: I thought that Joseph was going to kiss me or tell me that he wanted me to be his girlfriend. But then I soon snapped back into reality once Joseph told me he had cancer.’ This shows that something like that can change everything for others.
  3. Stories apply to many readers: People that would get the most from this story would be people that have maybe experienced something like this or have been in this situation before.  Because they would understand the way the character (s) would be feeling. The part that I got that answer from is the fact that her best friend and love of her life is dieing of cancer.
  4. Events represent ideas: Something that had a figurative meaning was that she said that she loved him as a year three but it was more than year 3 love it was love that she would never forget.
  5. Experience evolves in patterns: The repeating event is that she keeps going back to visit Joseph at the hospital. It represents that she loves him and that she wants to make sure he’s okay. It shows me that most humans are always trying to care for others.
  6. Fiction is instructional: That a lot people experience them and that these themes effect and impact on a lot of peoples lifes.


  1. alexia2016

    Me and liora had similar posts, she wrote similar things for each paragraph. We had similar concepts to.

  2. alexia2016

    It was interesting when you said the theme was love on my blog i wrote the theme was loss. Although she talks about loss and the pain of loosing someone very close to you.

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