Little Ania review- read like a writer

  1. I understand that the writer is trying to reveal that it is okay to be different. The writer is revealing the idea by saying that they would bully her and say that she (Ania) has a ‘mop of hair’.
  2. The author used great organisation by talking about what she was like, the talking about what would happen to her at school and at home, then the problem, then the resolution and end. That’s how a good story should be written.
  3. The author is demonstrating passion for the topic by making it very detailed and expressive.
  4. The author use great word choice by making the story and characters very descriptive.
  5.   The author did well with sentence fluency by making it easy to understand and read.
  6. The author did well with conventions by good grammar and he also made sure that his punctuation was good because he had a lot of dialogue in it.

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  1. saraho2014

    i really liked how you said what you understanded it showed you read the story and enjoyed it,good job.

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