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This video was about how Unicef made three videos to show the world about refugees. They made the videos to show the world about refugees and what they experience. Unicef made three videos about three different children who went through tough seas and refugee camps. Each story was told by three different children.  Unicef called the … [Read more…]

100WC Picture

I was driving away from the dungreals pushing on the pedal as hard as I could. The dungreals were a group of mutants or a gang. They were catching up to me. ‘Oh no’ I thought. They were getting faster and by the second, then suddenly I got a huge boost and flew off into … [Read more…]

100 WC Picture

The men ran as the guards chased after them, leaping over fruit carts, dodging bicycles and pushing through the big crowd. 1913, London, UK. Harry and george had been convicted of stealing crops from the army depot and were hiding from the guards and police for many weeks. Finally the police and guards found them … [Read more…]